Thursday, 22 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

As the Christmas holiday is almost upon us I wanted to share some of the handmade (by me and others) decorations that are dangling about our flat this year! Firstly, here's my little herb wreath that's currently gracing our front door - this one is my own handiwork and combines dried bay leaves and rosemary (thanks Val and John!), bits of twig from our local park and vintage velvet ribbon in green and orange (a nice alternative to red, and what I happened to have in my ribbon stash!). I made a simple wire ring and then wired each of the leaves and twigs to that, covering any bits of wire that were left showing with the green ribbon!

I had to share the stunning little crochet snowflakes (I have 3 in total, but plan to build on that next year), that I bought from the lovely Isamo Crochet (thanks Izabela!) at the WeMake fair earlier this month. They are nothing less than exquisite!

Well, this was supposed to be my grand handmade wooden Christmas tree, but I somewhat overestimated my woodwork skills and it ended up only about a foot tall and very wonky - I still love it though, and have decorated it with our vintage Christmas lights, and home-made paper decorations (made just like you did at school with folded paper and scissors!)

And last but definitely not least, this year's gorgeous hand-knitted decoration from Val (my mother-in-law)! We've built up quite a collection over the years, but I think this might be my favourite yet (though the knitted tree with bobble lights is definitely a close second!).

Have a lovely festive break and all the best for 2012!!


  1. Love all your decorations Anna! Have a wonderful Christmas, Mary x

  2. Than you for sharing! love your tree here!