Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ceramic jewellery...

Still in it's early stages, I wanted to share a new project I'm working on - ceramic jewellery! I've been using handmade ceramic beads (made by the lovely Karen at Hodge Podge Arts) in my collections for a while now, but when my friend Hazel (who's beautiful work you can see here) suggested going to a pottery class it seemed like the right time to get my own hands covered in clay!!
I've always hugely admired ceramics (I'll share some of the pieces I've collected from charity shops, ebay and craft fairs in future posts!), but haven't tried my hand at it since I was a wee girl. Now I'm completely obsessed with it!
These pics are of my first experiments and some of the little crescents above will end up as fully fledged necklaces... I'm really excited about combining textiles and ceramics, but this time with ceramics taking centre stage...


  1. Anna you are so incredibly talented and creative - I am just so jealous! I hope to one day have the money to buy lots of your beautiful jewellery, but for now I shall have to treasure my lovely bow necklace with its ceramic beads.