Thursday, 1 August 2013

Helen and Anna's online craft workshop at The Amazings - out now!

I posted a couple of weeks ago about filming with wonderful crafter Helen Neale up in Sheffield, and now you can see the fruits of our labours over at The Amazings!
Here's a little trailer for our online video workshop, where Helen and I talk about what you'll learn if you decide to watch the full workshop (which is £14 for 132 minutes of crafting gold, to watch any time, forever)!

Helen imparts a wealth of knowledge about spinning yarns and dying them using only natural dyes - very inspiring! Then I show you how to embroider a Bargello style brooch and make a simple tassel necklace. Like I say in the trailer, you can start at whatever point you're comfortable with, you can use shop bought yarns to make the projects if you don't have time or space for home-dying, but hopefully seeing the whole process will give you a new outlook on the yarns you choose.

Here are some shots from the brooch-making bit of the video, starting with a bundle of Helen's lovely yarns in gorgeous natural dyed colours!

And here's Helen and I having a natter over some tea and spinning!

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