Monday, 12 September 2011

Alternative Office Christmas Lunch?

So, you may not be feeling all that festive just yet, but in case you're the lucky person tasked with organising the festive activities at work this year, my two new festive workshops might be just the thing! You can learn to make gorgeous garlands (with pom poms and fabric flowers) or gift-bows (with vintage fabrics, buttons and of course pom poms!) to make your pressies extra special.

A workshop makes a unique and eco-friendly alternative (or addition) to the usual office Christmas lunch (and you can call it 'team-building'!)! You can book as a group, and I can come to you or book a venue as part of the package (anything from a cosy tea room to a pub - depending on your work ethic!)

If you're interested in booking a workshop visit my site for details

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