Friday, 2 March 2012

Ceramics obsession...

I mentioned in a previous post that my obsession with ceramics long pre-dates my new foray into actually making it, so I thought I'd share a few of the bits of ceramics made by other people that I've collected over the years and which make me very, very happy.

Above is a piece of antique tile that I found while walking in Victoria Park - I can only imagine how wonderful it looked alongside its fellow tiles, but sat alone on our bookshelves it's still a source of joy.

A big thank you to Hazel who gave me this beautiful hand-built planter for my birthday! I mentioned before that we go to pottery class together, so I even got to see my lovely planter being made.
Do check out the little etsy store she's set up selling her wonderfully 'wonky pottery'.

I picked up this mug at the Bust Christmas Craftacular - it's a collaboration between ceramicist Emma Gaston and illustrator Sara Lippett - I drink tea from it at least 3 times a day, and it never ceases to make me happy!!

A little faux leaf bowl - the first thing I bought (in a junk shop) for our first proper home! It now lives in our bathroom along with lots of other little bowls used to store stuff.

Studio pottery heron bowl (ceramics and a water-bird, how could I resist when I stumbled upon this on ebay!!)

Vintage saucers make the perfect little paint pallets for some decoration workshops I have coming up, so I ordered a batch from the wonderful and super helpful Ted's Tea Sets! The two above are staying in my kitchen though as they are just too lovely!!

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  1. That's how herons should be viewed, the live ones have eaten all our fish except one!!!!